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ISODisk is a disc image management application for Windows
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ISODisk is a disc image management application for Windows. It comes in a rather small package, but ISODisk has the potential to become a really great tool over time. ISODisk tackles two main tasks: it allows you to mount disc images and it creates ISO images from CD-ROM discs. To create an ISO image from a CD, the process could not be simpler; just insert the CD, select a destination file, and click the start button. ISODisk also works great with DVDs, and it creates a full image of a DVD in less than 7 minutes. The mounting of images is similarly easy. There is a list of virtual units that you can create. Just hit the browse button and select an image, and it will be mounted as a virtual drive. There is a limitation in the number of drives that you can have, but that limitation comes from Windows and not from the application. For now, ISODisk does not support any of the less conventional formats, such as bin/cue, but it will most likely do in the future. Also, there are some things that still are out of place. For example, when you start creating an image, you can't stop or abort the process. Only terminating the application will make it stop. A simple button will solve this. Still, the application works great when mounting images, and that is really what it was intended to do.

José Fernández
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  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Mounting images works like a charm


  • Weak format support
  • Can't stop it once it is going
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